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At the Appalachian Consumer Law Center we represent people throughout the central Appalachian region, including consumers in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Our clients are often victims of aggressive debt collection tactics. We also represent people who have trouble receiving government disability benefits (SSI) and those who want to declare bankruptcy. The Appalachian Consumer Law Center works on finding solutions to our clients’ problems. Call us today to schedule your free initial consultation. We can be reached at (423) 207-1300 and(615) 440-3746 or online. We will respond promptly to all inquires.

Successful Cases

2014 Cases

Portfolio Recovery Services v. Mikula
Midland Funding v. Laws
Midland Funding v. Turner
CACH v. Roberts
LVNV v. Hale
Midland Funding v. Collins
CACH v. Leonelli



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Successful Cases

These are just a few examples of cases in which we were able to fight off collector judgments and get our clients their lives back. Keep in mind that “dismissed” and “non-suited” are good things in this case—this means that the collector’s suit against our client was dropped!

Name of Case Court Case # Date Filed Date Dismissed
LVNV v. Greg Swanson Carter gen. sess. CV029755 1/3/2011  
LVNV v. Alfred Hickman Sullivan gen. sess. KC13962 2/7/2011  
LVNV v. Samuel Voorhees Sullivan (Bristol) gen. sess.      
LVNV v. Robert Bradford Hawkins gen. sess. 10C01431 10/1/2010  
LVNV v. Mary Smith Sullivan gen. sess. KC15196 1/5/2011  
LVNV v. Carl Sells Sullivan (Bristol) gen. sess. BC001258 11/18/2010  
LVNV v. Angela Fitch        
LVNV v. Mildred Daniels Sullivan gen. sess. KC14794 4/14/2011  
LVNV v. Peggy Roberson Sullivan gen. sess. KC14831 4/20/2011  
LVNV v. Kathryn Conner Sullivan gen. sess. KC14987 5/3/2011  
LVNV v. Joan LePage        
Capital Management Services v. Brett Garland        
Central Credit Services v. Lora Aistrop        
LVNV v. Richard Clark Sullivan (Bristol) gen. sess. BC004435 12/27/2011  
Midland Funding v. Louella McGuire Sullivan gen. sess. BC005137 4/11/2012  
LVNV v. Chadrick Collins Hawkins gen. sess. 12C00622 7/10/2012  
Midland Funding v. Derinda Wilhelm Sullivan gen. sess. KC19359 7/7/2012  
Asset Acceptance v. Rebecca Doss Carter gen. sess. CV032965 8/17/2012  
Midland Funding v. Charles Byrd Washington gen. sess. 167841 8/23/2012  
HSBC Delinquency Services v. Brenda Casey Washington gen. sess. 19226J 9/17/2012  
Portfolio Recovery Associates v. Dave Hinson Greene gen. sess. 12V1827 10/9/2012  
Midland Funding v. Philip Caroselli Greene gen. sess. 12V1871 1/22/2012  
Midland Funding v. Clark Hernandez Sullivan (Bristol) gen. sess. BC006429 10/22/2012  
Midland Funding v. Charles Hardman Sullivan gen. sess. KC19357 6/7/2012  
Midland Funding v. Craig Johnson Greene gen. sess. 12V1984 10/24/2012  
Asset Acceptance v. Scott Eads Washington gen. sess. 20045J 11/13/2012  
Asset Acceptance v. Alicia Benton Washington gen. sess. 19918J 11/2/2012  
Riverwalk Holdings v. Tammy Bowman Greene gen. sess. 11V2432 12/28/2012  
Midland Funding v. Bruce Clendenin Greene gen. sess. 12V667 4/18/2012  
Security Credit Services v. Tiffany Boggs Sullivan (Bristol) gen. sess. BC006912 12/18/2012  
Midland Funding v. Gloria Whittemore Greene gen. sess. 13V039 1/8/2013  
LVNV v. Nancy Prentice Greene gen. sess. 13V002 1/2/2013  
Midland Funding v. Jonathan Rogers Sullivan gen. sess. KC21484 1/25/2013  
LVNV v. Claude Cooper Sullivan gen. sess. KC21657 2/13/2013  
Asset Acceptance v. Tracy Stephenson Washington gen. sess. 20872J 1/30/2013  
Asset Acceptance v. William Kalen Greene gen. sess. 13V714 4/22/2013