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At the Appalachian Consumer Law Center we represent people throughout the central Appalachian region, including consumers in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Our clients are often victims of aggressive debt collection tactics. We also represent people who have trouble receiving government disability benefits (SSI) and those who want to declare bankruptcy. The Appalachian Consumer Law Center works on finding solutions to our clients’ problems. Call us today to schedule your free initial consultation. We can be reached at (423) 207-1300 and(615) 440-3746 or online. We will respond promptly to all inquires.

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bobMeet Bob.

Bob is an honest guy who recently fell on some hard times. Due to the natural ups and downs of life, he recently found himself in more debt than he could handle.

Then, Bob was sued by a debt collector.

When the summons arrived at his home, Bob didn’t know what to do. He had been trying his best to make payments, but the collectors kept asking for more than he could afford. The date for Bob’s lawsuit finally came, and without the legal knowledge necessary to argue against the collectors and their attorneys, Bob had a very bad day in court.

Now, Bob has a court judgment against him that forces him to pay. The collectors take a chunk out of his paycheck every month. His credit has been permanently damaged by the lawsuit, and he finds it hard to get a loan for anything.


Unfortunately, many people in Bob’s situation are unaware of the relevant facts. If Bob had known that…

  • Many debt collectors file lawsuits illegally, without proper licensing
  • Attempts to collect from Bob, such as phone calls and collection letters, are governed by strict rules that debt collectors often break
  • Assistance from a consumer protection attorney could get his case dismissed

…he could have found a reasonable solution. Bob should have contacted an attorney. The Mechem Law Firm could have helped him. If your situation sounds anything like Bob’s, DON’T WAIT—Call us for a free consultation today. Our team of legal professionals can prepare a lawsuit against your collectors that will hold them accountable for their violations of the law. The suit can even result in money damages paid to you.


sherryMeet Sherry.

Sherry works hard to provide for her family and keep up with her two jobs. She finds this hard to do, however, with debt collectors constantly calling her at work and at home.

They call her in the afternoons when she’s picking up her kids from school. They call in the morning when she’s just getting started at work. And they call at night when she’s trying to sleep.

The few times that Sherry has answered these calls, she was treated very rudely. The collectors on the other end of the line threatened her with lawsuits and garnishments on her paycheck.

Eventually, after being worn down by months of abusive calling, Sherry agreed to pay the amount she originally owed PLUS interest and legal fees added on by a collection agency.

If this situation sounds anything like yours, DON’T MAKE SHERRY’S MISTAKES.

Unfortunately, many people in Sherry’s situation are unaware of the relevant facts. If Sherry had known that…

  • It is illegal for debt collectors to call a person at his/her workplace
  • It is illegal for debt collectors to call a person’s cell phone
  • It is illegal for debt collectors to call before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m.

…she could have caught the collectors when they violated the law. Don’t give in to debt collectors and their aggressive, illegal tactics. If you find yourself in Sherry’s situation, contact an attorney. Once represented by an attorney, debt collectors must contact your attorney instead of you. You will also be able to file a lawsuit that holds debt collectors accountable for their violations of the law, and that can result in money damages paid to you.

Don’t wait until you are bullied into signing an unfavorable agreement. Call the Mechem Law Firm today for a free consultation.

*Bob and Sherry’s stories depict what a majority of our clients go through. If your situation sounds like theirs, don’t wait—call us today!