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At the Appalachian Consumer Law Center we represent people throughout the central Appalachian region, including consumers in Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Our clients are often victims of aggressive debt collection tactics. We also represent people who have trouble receiving government disability benefits (SSI) and those who want to declare bankruptcy. The Appalachian Consumer Law Center works on finding solutions to our clients’ problems. Call us today to schedule your free initial consultation. We can be reached at (423) 207-1300 and(615) 440-3746 or online. We will respond promptly to all inquires.

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2014 Cases

Portfolio Recovery Services v. Mikula
Midland Funding v. Laws
Midland Funding v. Turner
CACH v. Roberts
LVNV v. Hale
Midland Funding v. Collins
CACH v. Leonelli



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HAVE YOU received harassing phone calls from debt collectors? Have they contacted you at work? Are they filling your mailbox with unwanted collection letters?

bubble1It may seem like debt collectors have the upper hand in your situation, but under federal law you have rights. Rights that sleazy collection agencies violate on a regular basis.

The Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects consumers. It lays out clearly what debt collectors can and can’t do. It gives the average person a chance to fight back against multi-million dollar companies with aggressive collection policies.

bubble2That’s where we come in. Our team of legal professionals knows debt collection law inside and out. By holding collectors accountable to the FDCPA, we can help you resolve your debts and get the collectors off your back.

If you have been contacted repeatedly by a collection agency, chances are they have broken the law at some point. Contact us for a free consultation in which we will review your situation and start to build a case against the debt collectors.

Debt Collectors Turn to Social Media to Track Down Delinquents.
By Deborah M. Todd / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.